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Long Term Goals

These goals are a work in progress and not in final form. Our goals are always changing and updating based upon ideas, needs and staffing.

Mission Statement

“The purpose of the Saunders County Historical Society is to collect and preserve objects (artifacts) and information which illustrate the history of Saunders County, Nebraska and its people.  These objects and information will be used to educate persons about the social, economic, cultural and political history of Saunders County.”

Purpose Statement for the Goal Guide

The Goal Guide for the Saunders County Historical Society outlines the plans for maintaining and sustaining a strong organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of Saunders County. 

Goal: Build and stabilize the finances of the SCHS by establishing an operating budget and increasing our fundraising efforts.

Outcome: Increase our income and decrease our dependency on funds provided by the Saunders County Board of Supervisors.

  • Identify available investments and review on an annual basis. Financial Com.
  • Review all sources of income, past and present.  Evaluate effectiveness. Financial Com.
  • Educate our members and the public about planned giving. Financial Com.
    • Hold annual seminars about leaving money to the SCHS through estate planning, life insurance, living trusts, wills, etc.
  • Establish support levels or different levels of giving Fundraising Com.
    • Create a system of donor recognition by awards, articles in the newspaper and/or newsletter.  Have visible recognition at the Museum.
  • Create a sponsorship program Fundraising Com.
    • Recruit sponsor for special events, programs or projects
    • Exhibit sponsors
    • Newsletter sponsors
    • Website sponsors
  • Evaluate current membership income/levels Membership Com.
    • More levels of membership?
    • Annual membership drive
    • More member benefits
      • Special members only events?
      • Sneak peeks?
  • Other ideas
    • Create an endowment for the curator’s salary
    • Make more personal contact with the public
    • Work on expanding our donor base throughout Saunders County

Goal: Raise awareness of the SCHS through programs and events and by emphasizing the educational opportunities provided by the Museum

Outcome: Increase membership, visitation and community involvement.

  • Promote SCHS by all available opportunities
    • Facebook
    • Website
    • Banners
    • Bookmarks
    • Digital sign
    • Memberships
    • Publicity in libraries, senior centers, etc.
    • Directional signage off of highway
    • New brochures and rack cards
    • Business cards for board members
    • Utilize free event notices
    • Send information or free newsletters to libraries, senior centers, assisted living centers, etc.
  • Create events and programs that encourage participation and visitation through educational and social opportunities.
    • Programs
      • More children’s activities
      • Utilize 5 famous men and develop programs
      • Give programs/presentations in schools, assisted living centers, libraries, senior centers, social groups, possibly collaborative efforts
      • County wide scavenger hunt, passport program or geo-caching
      • New displays
    • Events
      • After hours open house, 1 per month
      • Open Sunday, 1 per month
      • Themed food events
      • Saunders County Road Rally
      • Piano recitals

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